wireless in-flight services & entertainment

WISE™ is a complete wireless in-flight entertainment solution for airlines that allows passengers to stream a variety of content on their portable electronic devices (PEDs) during their flight.

how it works

WISE™ is loaded on an aircraft server dedicated to streaming content to passengers’ smartphones, tablets and laptops.

  1. 01 Designed to work in conjuction with or without in-flight connectivity
  2. 02 Supports all major operating systems and browsers
  3. 03 Digital Rights Management (DRM) approved by major Hollywood studios to stream movies to PEDs
  4. 04 Supports pay-per-view and pay-per-access even in a non-connected environment


Our group’s market-leading content expertise allows us to manage the entire wireless content delivery process providing airlines with an efficient, flexible and productive wireless content solution.


WISE™ is a a hardware-agnostic solution. It has been selected by renowned hardware partners as a complete wireless system or as a component of their existing offering, providing flexibility to airlines and business jets, allowing them to choose their installation provider.


WISE™ provides a complete content offering for an engaging and memorable passenger experience.

  • - Movies
  • - TV shows
  • - Games
  • - Music
  • - Digital publications
  • - Surveys
  • - And more...

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